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Repacking Services

Intelsat has partnered with its customers to develop individual customer migration plans since it became evident after the FCC’s issuance of its initial Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in July 2018 that significant spectrum clearing in the C-band would be likely. Proposed migration plans for each customer were refined with customer inputs over the course of more than a year. Intelsat delivered final individual migration plans to all customers the week of May 18, 2020, outlining the impact to their services, any new targeted satellite and frequency range, timing, and any agreed technology upgrades required to support the clearing.

For more details on the planned customer migrations, see Our Plan.

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Affiliate Matching

Intelsat has worked with our customers to gather lists of affiliated earth stations and reconcile that data against the FCC’s list of Incumbent Earth Stations. The objective of this activity is to definitively associate each customer downlink or affiliate earth station with the FCC’s list of to determine transition support eligibility and scope the migration and mitigation work required for each earth station.

Affiliate matching is an iterative process that relies on customers to provide enough downlink or affiliate earth station detail to enable matching against Intelsat’s earth station data, as well as to assist with the validation of those matches.  The accuracy of affiliate matches can vary, so Intelsat advises customers to make their affiliates aware of Intelsat’s transition support and encourage them to reach out at for support, if those downlink or affiliate earth stations haven’t been contacted directly.

Transition Support

Intelsat is working with our customers to ensure eligible downlink or affiliate earth stations’ awareness of the transition support offered by Intelsat free of charge to support customer migrations.  Intelsat is actively contacting known downlink or affiliate earth stations of customers that are transitioning to offer support.  If downlink or affiliate earth stations require assistance and have not yet been contacted, please email us at